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Property Safety Instructions

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Property Safety Instructions

Property Safety Instructions

Property Safety Instructions

Hotel Electra modifies and strengthens the cleaning rules and is coordinated with the new prevention measures in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


Our goal is to protect the health of our customers and the general public, as a result we can immediately take the following actions:


1. check-in is set at 15:00 p.m. and check-out at 11:00 a.m.


2. Installation of a special glass protective partition in reception.


3. We added antiseptics in all public areas, in conspicuous places.


4. Regular disinfection of the reception surfaces.


5. Special signage to remind you to keep your distance and use antiseptics at the hotel entrance and in public areas.


6. Meticulous and regular disinfection and cleanliness of all common areas.


7. Use of face maskgloves and disposable uniform by cleaning staff.


8. Disinfection and disinfestation by a specialized and certified cleaning workshop.


9. Use a steam cleaner to clean the rooms.


10. Enhancement of sanitary services in all public areas and in particular in "high risk" objects.


11. Installation of a disposable cover on TV and air conditioner controls.


12. Placing a disposable cover on towels.


13. Stopping the daily change of clothing and towels only at the request of the customer.


14. Sterilization of key cards.


15. Keeping accommodation file and event book COVID-19.


16. Disinfection of linens and bed linen at 80 degrees Celsius.


17. Existence of special equipment (medical kit) for the case of suspected case.


18. Buffet breakfast will be served only by the staff so that the customer does not come in contact with food and there is the possibility of transporting breakfast to the room at no extra charge.


19. The hotel works with a specialist doctor in case of a case.


With sincerity and respect,


Hotel Electra team

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